iPhone 4- An Amazing Step in Today’s Technology

IPhone 4 is an amazing invention of this generation which is introduced by Steve Jobs and he expresses his great pleasure by stating that it has got many wonderful features. IPhone 4 has volume controls on its side along with an accessible microSIM tray. The iPhone 4 has got various other features including front-facing camera, 30pin connector meant for docking, a speaker, button for sleep/wake up, and an input for headset, a 5 megapixel camera with a sensor, that is designed in such a way for increasing the sum of light captured by the sensor, that results in improved photographs, mostly in the low-light ambience.
Jobs was keen on highlighting the bands in the region the iPhone 4 that produced more speculation while the leaked prototypes were working. He found them as piece of the phone’s antenna structure. The antenna is capable of supporting all the iPhone 4’s wireless connections, from 3G to Wi-Fi via Bluetooth and to GPS together with the cellular communications.
Jobs described iPhone 4 as a “retina display” due to its pixel density as a typical LCD display at an enormous 326 pixels for each inch which is extremely denser than any other products in the electronics market. Jobs states that the display of iPhone 4 will be depicted as a superior quality printed book rather than just a pixilated grid block. Add more colors to your eyes with this new launch of iphone 4.. The only thing I miss are my airplane games and atv games
iPhone 4 comes with minimal packaging, white, and inside we find only the bare essentials, consisting of DC, a USB cable and the same set of cssti with a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack at the 3GS model. Also, we will find some brochures and a manual, a tool for removing the SIM card and sticker for micro screen. For the price of sale, we can say that the sales package is pretty good, but Apple is a clear policy: you want something extra, put the hand deeper in your wallet!

Paquiao vs Margarito results

Paquiao vs Margarito results are out and its a decisive victory for Paquiao again. Though shorter and lighter than his Mexican opponent, Paquiao proved too quick and deadly for Magarito. By the 10th round Magarito was bleeding and swollen but the Mexican kept fighting on. After the match Magarito said, “I’m a Mexican and there’s no way I was going to quit. I fight until the end.”
With this win Paquiao has set his record of eight different weight divisions in which he has won world championships.

It’s your life Francesca Battistelli lyrics

Here are the It’s your life by Francesca Battistelli lyrics which was featured on the Jon & Kate show

It’s your life Francesca Battistelli lyrics

This is the moment
It’s on the line
Which way you gonna fall?
In the middle between
Wrong and right
But you know after all

It’s your life
What you gonna do?
The world is watching you
Every day the choices you make
Say what you are and who
Your heart beats for
It’s an open door
It’s your life

Are you who you always said you would be?
With a sinking feeling in your chest
Always waiting for someone else to fix you
Tell me when did you forget


To live the way that you believe
This is your opportunity
To let your life be one that lights the way


Kate Hudson wardrobe malfunction

Kate Hudson had a near wardrobe malfunction at yesterday’s American Music Awards  (AMA). She was wearing an extremely low cut dress which almost exposed her nips while bending down to announce the black eyed peas performance

kate hudson nip slip

Kate Hudson nip slip

Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Video

Here is today’s match Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Video live stream. Full fight 45 minutes.

Overcoming Internet Addiction and Online Addiction

Computer is something that is really effective and interesting in terms of knowledge and technology but when it comes to addiction, you never know of when your child or any of the friends can get addicted to it. There can be multiple uses of using computer and Internet especially. People use computer for several reasons and causes. It can be used in order to achieve some educational tasks or it can be used for socializing, you can stay in touch with your friends, family members living far away from your state or even country. You can consider using internet for the purpose of conducting any of the online business. However, getting addicted to internet without any proper reason or justification is not correct at all.

Reasons behind internet addiction can be any and many. Internet addicts avoid life and its consequences easily and they have a world of their own which we can call a virtual world. Considering this scenario in my mind, I would like to share some sure ways for overcoming Internet addiction in this piece of writing. I am sure after implementing them in your daily routine you will overcome your internet addiction slowly but surely.

You should set reasonable and reachable goals. Decide what you have to do with the life and what you should be doing at the moment instead of sitting in front of the computer chatting with people or playing online games. Organize the time you have into activities that are useful and compelling. You just have to take the right measurements and it will work for you in a positive manner.

You should change things around a bit. If you go and check the email box or any of the social website in the morning everyday, you can do something else at the time for overcoming your internet addiction. If it is a normal routine, change it and do something contrary to what you used to do. If you are used to of sitting at the computer right after you come home from work, go take a shower, have something to eat and then make your way towards your computer.

Having awareness is really important and if you know what steps and measurements you have to take, you would be surprised of the results you would get. You can plan up on some realistic activities instead of having perceptional friends and group chats.

Above mentioned were some sure ways of overcoming internet addiction. Implement them in your daily routine and see the results by yourself.

Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Results


Manny Pacquiao voted as the #1 pound for pound boxer in the world lived upto his name by stopping Miguel Cotto in the 12 th Round.  Pacquiao dominated the entire fight and in the 12th Round the referree had to stop the fight as a bleeding Miguel Cotto could not raise his hands to stay in the fight. Read the Round by Round Account at the latimes

Pacquiao Cotto Boxing

Best Abs Exercises- Be Fit and look smart:

‘Obesity’, this word is becoming common among people in this age of fast moving world.  Obesity leads to several health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes, which in lead may lead to heart problems.  To avoid this it is always better to do exercise regularly.

Particularly, it becomes essential for a person to reduce fat around the stomach.  Not only good nutritious food, but also adequate exercise is essential for reducing the tummy around stomach in the Abs diet.

If you are just in the beginning stage of doing abs exercises, you may do some light strengthening exercises in alternative days for the first two weeks.  To start with you can do eight to ten push-ups and take rest for one minute and keep on slowly and steadily increasing the number of push-ups when it becomes easy for you.  This should be followed by a brisk walking exercise after taking rest for some time.

Different exercises for different parts of the body each day. For example, if you do abdominal exercise for one day the next day you can do aerobic exercise for the next day and you can do strength training, which means total body workouts for the following day.  It is better to leave at least 48 hours between exercising for the same part of the body.  Warm up like simple jogging, jumping rope and riding a stationary bike can be done five minutes before exercising.

The above tips may work out for the person who is beginner in doing exercises.  The following tips may be useful for people who are already doing their exercises regularly, but are new to abs exercises:

These people should consider changing from their present workout routine to the abs exercises for the first few weeks.  For best results, it is better to change the exercise routine every month to keep your body to get accustomed to the repetitious routine, which will help you to slow down the muscle development.

Abs exercise can be done without any equipment and even without going to the gym.  The Abs exercises should always be combined with breathing activities like running and walking for better results.

Jogging for twenty to thirty minutes a day will be of great use in losing the extra water weight that one may be carrying around.  This should not be misunderstood.  One should always stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water especially in the morning.  It is always better to develop the habit of drinking a glass of water in the empty stomach.  Soft drinks should be avoided and it is better to have fresh fruit juices instead.

Swimming is another abs exercise, which is very much helpful in reducing the extra fat, it works for all parts of the body.

It is better to do the exercises like back extension, crunches and jack-knife for three to four weeks a day, which will go a long way in reducing fat around your abdomen.

Commitment and motivation is very much essential for getting started with abs exercises!!!

Ati TV wonder usb digital HDTV tuner


The Ati TV wonder usb digital HDTV tuner looks like a cool product.  Extremely compact in size, you can record Cable TV and over the air  HDTV signals in your PC or notebook. It has all the features of  TV Tuners  including recording, pausing, scheduling, etc.  Check out its extensive list of features at woot .  Support of Windows 7 is not clearly mentioned but but most probably there will be no problem. It’s selling at an incredible value price of $25.  Maybe it’s time to get rid of my aged PCI card !

Flip houses: Make loads of money for yourself

Most of us are aware of the fact that investments in real estate are very attractive and lucrative. There are numerous people who have gained wealth and riches only by investing and getting return from the real estate. The phenomenon is not recent. From the past many years people have been buying properties at low rates and selling them at the time of boom to earn a high return out of it and they have become rich on real estate alone.
The money invested in real estate generally maintains and builds on value with the passage of time. Real estate investments can be used for various different things, like rental properties, building and developing parks, businesses, etc… the only thing that is required to build it is the availability of money. They can be easily bought and sold wherever and whenever necessary. Although there are different methods to make money in real estate, one of the best and quickest money making method is by flipping houses , buying houses at low rates and then selling them at high rates earning huge profits.
Those who are already involved somehow in the real estate businesses are aware about all the facts and figures of the property market. They know every bit of whatever goes in the sales and purchase of a house or property. In case you are doing or entering the business for the first time and you are a beginner, you should make enough online searches because all information regarding recent trends and events are available on the internet. You can also gain the basic knowledge from your local library. When you are ready for buying houses and flip them, what you need to do is to find several properties. You can make money only if you are able to find the best property for yourself and purchase it. Houses or properties having major issues related to their foundation or other flaws should not be bought. These will not be resold at good prices and would eat all your profits.
Most people wanting to earn money in real estate look for fixer-uppers. These kinds of houses are wanted by newlyweds because their prices are affordable. They are also preferred because if the newlyweds plan to reside there for quite a few years, they can remodel them according to their needs. Those who want to flip houses simply buy the house, make some minor improvements the house requires, and recreate the basic decoration, like flooring, carpeting, and painting. All these inputs are enough to raise the price you can ask from the customer by thousands. Once your house sells, you will have clear profits.
Real estate investing is one of the most famous skills that can be learnt easily, but it is not taught in schools. This is one of the prolific careers available in the earth. This is because people all around the world live in houses and not in caves. Some websites even conducts coaching classes on real estate investments and several books are also available in the market. People can make use of these facilities to acquire more knowledge about real estate investing and can earn a considerable income.